Monday, April 27, 2009

One Lucky Girl...

Okay, it's confession time again... I have been in a little bit of a "slump" lately. I haven't been a very happy person, and I haven't been very fun to be around. I have been very focused on ME and all the things that are not going the way I think they should. Let me just say it, I have been very selfish lately. I have been having one giant pity party for the last few months! I have been so focused on all the "bad" things that I haven't opened my eyes to see that I am so blessed!
I had a total "Ah-ha" moment yesterday in Relief Society. I know, imagine that, right?!? I went to bed on Saturday night really not feeling up for 9:00 church, and I really had no desire to go. I woke up Sunday morning (right at 8:00, with exactly an hour to get up and going--perfect!) with a really strong feeling that I needed to go to church, and especially all three hours. I walked reluctantly into Relief Society (our church is backwards, and we have sacrament last) and our lesson was about being true disciples of Christ. The whole thing was amazing, and I felt like the lesson was written just for me! We talked about how instead of approaching things in our life with anger, we should approach them with love and look at our trials as a teaching/learning experience. I could totally relate to everything, and it was like a lightbulb went off in my head! I am so blessed with so many things and people in my life that I have no reason to be unhappy or angry all the time. I have an amazing husband who loves me even when I am not fun to be around, I have three healthy and happy kids who are so good to me, and I have the blessing of the Gospel in my life...which I need more now than I ever have before!
To top things off, I answered the door today and there was our neighbor standing there with a delivery for me--a dozen long stem red roses from Ken (which also tied in with my "life lesson" to see the beauty of the roses and not the thorns)...I really am ONE LUCKY GIRL!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Soccer Boy

Aden's first soccer game was last night, and it was the cutest thing ever! He is so lucky to have two of his cousins on his team (Charlie Jr. and Aubrey), and his Uncle Charlie as his coach!
Aden had a rough first half. He wasn't quite sure how to handle things at first. I asked him what was wrong, and he said "I don't want to take the ball away from the other kids." He is just too sweet sometimes! After we had a little pep talk, and I explained to him that soccer games are not the time to take turns and share, the second half of the game was much better. All of the kids are so cute! It was so much fun to watch. It's going to be a fun soccer season!! (I just wish Aden wasn't such a shorty)

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I love my cute little ones!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!!

And where have we been?? I know, I have been a major slacker lately when it comes to blogging. The main reason is that I haven't had much to blog about lately...
Today we got really into the Easter spirit! We started off the morning with an Easter egg hunt at Thanksgiving Point. There were TONS of eggs!!! The kids had a lot of fun. Aden was so focused on finding the GOLDEN egg that he forgot to pick up any of the other eggs. The poor kid came back with a completely empty basket! Luckily the employees were very nice and they filled up his basket for him.
Tonight we colored eggs. This is my favorite part of Easter. The kids really got creative this year, and we ended up with some beauties!! :)
Happy Easter to all, and may we all remember the reason we celebrate this special holiday!!