Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dish Brush, Anyone???

Just one of the MANY reasons I love my Kenny...
He had the day off work today, and he decided to go to the store and get us a couple of items that we have been in need of. A mop (he broke ours), some dishwasher soap, and a dish scrubber brush (whatever the proper name for it is?).
I came home and this is what I found for our "dish brush"!!

I could not stop laughing!! All I could say was, "It's huge!" His reply--"I thought it would save some time!"
Oh, how I love him! (And I will be getting us a REAL dish brush soon...)

Edit-- I just realized you can't tell how big that brush is, but it's like one of the big ones that you use for the bathtubs and stuff. :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

"Ordinary, No..."

Kenny Chesney is Ken's all time fave, so I decided I would get him tickets to the concert as an early birthday present. I was so excited because I got FLOOR tickets, and I have never been to a concert and had FLOOR seats. I thought they were pretty dang good seats...until we got there...So, we were in Section A. Pretty good, right??

NO! We got there and found our seats, only to realize that we are stuck on fat people central row. Every single person on our row was huge! And the seats were TINY! We were so squished, and I had one cheek on and one cheek off the whole time! Not to mention that it was about 900 degrees, and Mister sweaty HUGE pants next to me was dripping on me...SICK! Then he stands up, so I go to stand as well, and he is frickin like 9 feet tall and I can't see a thing! I was so annoyed...I was about ready to go find me one of these...

But once Kenny started singing and we started groovin I forgot all about how uncomfy I was just minutes before. He is AWESOME! We ended up having a really good time!
Happy early birthday, Ken..."I don't see how you could ever be ANYTHING BUT MINE."
Oh, and sorry my pics suck. My good camera broke, and I was stuck with my crap one...BOO.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


We had so much fun in Cali this year! We decided to go because we wanted to see Ken's parents, and we went right around both of the boys birthdays, so it was kind of a birthday celebration the whole time!
The first day we had a little party for Aden at Chuck-E-Cheese (his choice). The boys loved it! We also went to Dave and Busters for Jared's birthday, and they REALLY loved that. We saw a movie--the boys saw Transformers and the girls saw The Proposal. We did a lot of trampoline jumping, outlet shopping, and lounging. Ken was a good sport and he agreed to take us to the beach one day. We drove down to Huntington Beach, and it was so awesome! I loved it! On Friday, my mom arrived, and the two of us went to visit her Aunt Margy. We had a really good time! Our final day (the 4th of July!) my mom and I took the kids to Disneyland. We had a really good time! We got there at 8:30 and we didn't leave until after midnight! We were exhausted!! And my poor feet still haven't forgiven me. But, it was so fun, and the fireworks were AWESOME!! Small World was our last ride of the night, and Aden fell asleep on the ride. Thanks, mom for coming down to spend time with us. And thank you to Ken's parents for letting us stay at their place all week! :)